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Handspun "Supercoils and Locks" teeswater, merino, ribbon and alpaca Skein ☆ 60g/4m Art Yarn

Handspun "Supercoils and Locks" teeswater, merino, ribbon and alpaca Skein ☆ 60g/4m Art Yarn

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A chunky and funky supercoiled art yarn. Spun from a blend of teeswater, merino, sari silk and alpaca, with added in sari silk ribbons and teeswater locks. Spun on my beloved Ashford Spinning Wheel.

This skein is 60g in weight and approx 4m long. It's a very compact yarn but packs a punch.

A truly unique blend of soft, smooth and luxurious fibres! The added lock shows the amazing defined curls of the natural fleece. A truly unique yarn, perfect to add a special something to your fibre art. Due to how chunky and textural it is this yarn would be best suited for weaving, weaving into knit/crochet, or for using with chunky needles.

All yarns are finished, washed and the twist is set before sent out. They are packaged in plantable paper yarn band or tag, remove all tape and information stickers before planting.

To safely cut this yarn, without it unravelling, cut with scissor then knot the inner core and the coiled ply together.

Care Instructions

To protect and prolong the lifespan of you textile creations please follow the following tips:

  • Spot clean where possible
  • Wash with similar colours
  • Hand wash in lukewarm/room temperature water
  • Try to agitate item as little as possible whilst washing
  • Use a small amount gentle detergent, PH neutral soap or wool wash
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not use washing machine if possible
  • Dry flat when possible
  • Air your piece as an alternative to washing
  • Store garments folded rather than hung
  • Store out of direct sunlight

If you have any specific questions about care please email us at: 

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