Photography: Chris Moore ☆ Makeup: Louisa Cavey

About the Collection

Often my mental ill health and disabilities can make me feel detached from real life and humanity. Especially when I am trying to exist in an inaccessible industry. I often wish not to be human and to fully escape into more accessible virtual worlds. I chose to explore this through linking fantasy and dystopian worlds with their real world counterparts. Resulting in a collection that shows my yearning to protect both my mind and body.

I used sustainable processes throughout my collection, including repurposed high voltage cables. These armoured elements, it shows how a repurpose the things around me to protect myself from harm. It also symbolises how I mask my pain and the less socially accepted elements of my disability to escape the ableism I face.

The collection is named in honour of one of my favourite books, No longer Human by Osamu Dazai. Another creative who publicly, personally and through their professional practice, struggled with their own health and happiness.

Photography: Macy Kerrigan ☆ Makeup: Louisa Cavey