About the Collection

Uzumaki’s World is the space I’ve fought so hard to create for myself. A safe space for me to create without worrying about others meeting my access needs. A space I hope others would like to join or visit. It's creation started from a place of frustration. Existing as a disabled person within the creative industry can be so difficult. Accessibility and sustainability issues are often seen as distinct but to Me they are one and the same. Fashion can be just as unkind to the people within it as it is to the planet.

As a form of protest I created a series of yarns and textiles designed for their afterlife. They’re compostable and growable, they give back to the earth. They completely bypass being worn by humans. This series poses the question: is the most accessible piece of clothing the one that is entirely inaccessible to all?

Upon this series, that I named ‘Afterlife’, I began to create my own world: Uzumaki's World. A gentle, caring, compassionate world of living textiles. I cannot control my living pieces. They would grow and live for as long as they want, forcing me respect the natural flow of nature and slow myself down. Allowing me time to analyse the past, be present in the now, and evaluate the future.