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'Glitch' Vest #2 ☆ Scrap Yarn Crochet top

'Glitch' Vest #2 ☆ Scrap Yarn Crochet top

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A unique crochet cropped sweater vest. This piece is made entirely from yarn left over from my other projects, making it super funky and colourful!

This sweater vest is advertised as One Size.

However it will fit up to a:

UK Women's Size 12/Women's Size Medium/EU Women's Size 38/US Women's Size 8

Or a Men's Size Small

The sweater vest is made from joined granny squares with ruffles around the neck and hem. They run around the arm holes and down through to the hem on both sides. The neck is a simple square neck. 

The jumper in made from 100% wool, of various types, including: hand spun merino wools, organic shetland wool, chunking mohair, premium Italian wool boucle, lambswool, baby merinos and super wash wool.


Care Instructions

To protect and prolong the lifespan of you textile creations please follow the following tips:

  • Spot clean where possible
  • HAND WASH ONLY - in COOL water
  • Try to agitate item as little as possible whilst washing
  • Use as little gentle detergent, PH neutral soap or wool wash as possible
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do Not Iron or Press
  • Steam item gently 
  • Dry flat when possible
  • Air your piece as an alternative to washing
  • Store garments folded rather than hung

If you have any specific questions about care please email us at: 

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