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The Future is Fluid ☆ Rainbow Machine Knit Scarf

The Future is Fluid ☆ Rainbow Machine Knit Scarf

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"THE FUTURE IS FLUID." pride flag inspired handmade scarf.

100% Acrylic. 

Scarf measures:
Approx. 145 cm x 15cm

A bold and bright unique scarf. The perfect scarf for any person of any gender or sexuality. A play on the slogan 'the future is female'.

A fully fashioned domestic machine knitted scarf, hand finished with contrasting tassels. Knitted with high quality 4ply acrylic yarn in black,and rainbow. The words are achieved through fair isle knitting, It consists of two patterned layers, it's nice and thick to keep you warm.

I decided to add in the pink before the red as a nod to the first original pride flag that was designed by the great Gilbert Baker. the current pride flag dropped the pink, and turquoise, to make it easier to manufacture but the original two 60 x 30ft flags had both!


Care Instructions

To protect and prolong the lifespan of you textile creations please follow the following tips:

  • Spot clean where possible
  • Wash on delicate cycle on low heat (30-40 degrees)
  • Use as little gentle detergent, PH neutral soap or wool wash as possible
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Can be very lightly ironed or pressed
  • Steam item gently 
  • Dry flat when possible
  • Air your piece as an alternative to washing
  • Store garments folded rather than hung
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